wadder, n.
/wod/, n., v., wadded, wadding.
1. a small mass, lump, or ball of anything: a wad of paper; a wad of tobacco.
2. a small mass of cotton, wool, or other fibrous or soft material, used for stuffing, padding, packing, etc.
3. a roll of something, esp. of bank notes.
4. Informal. a comparatively large stock or quantity of something, esp. money: He's got a healthy wad salted away.
5. a plug of cloth, tow, paper, or the like, used to hold the powder or shot, or both, in place in a gun or cartridge.
6. Brit. Dial. a bundle, esp. a small one, of hay, straw, etc.
7. shoot one's wad, Informal.
a. to spend all one's money: He shot his wad on a new car.
b. to expend all one's energies or resources at one time: She shot her wad writing her first novel and her second wasn't as good.
c. Slang (vulgar). (of a man) to have an orgasm.
8. to form (material) into a wad.
9. to roll tightly (often fol. by up): He wadded up his cap and stuck it into his pocket.
10. to hold in place by a wad: They rammed and wadded the shot into their muskets.
11. to put a wad into; stuff with a wad.
12. to fill out with or as if with wadding; stuff; pad: to wad a quilt; to wad a speech with useless information.
13. to become formed into a wad: The damp tissues had wadded in his pocket.
[1530-40; < ML wadda < Arab bata'in lining of a garment, batting; cf. F ouate, D watte, Sw vadd]
/wod/, n.
a soft, earthy, black to dark-brown mass of manganese oxide minerals.
[1605-15; orig. uncert.]

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also called  Bog Manganese,  

      black and earthy substance that consists mainly of hydrated manganese oxides; it is an important ore of manganese. It varies considerably in chemical composition and contains different impurities, often in large amounts. Wad is very soft, readily soils the fingers, and may be considered to be a mixture chiefly of pyrolusite and romanechite. It results from the decomposition of other manganese minerals and is often deposited in marshes or by springs; it bears the same relationship to manganese oxides that limonite and gummite do to iron and uranium oxides.

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