vision quest

vision quest
(esp. among some North American Indians) the ritual seeking of personal communication with the spirit world through visions that are induced by fasting, prayer, and other measures during a time of isolation: typically undertaken by an adolescent male.

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Essential rite of passage for adolescent boys of the Eastern Woodlands and Plains Indian peoples.

The youth was sent out from the camp on a solitary vigil involving fasting and prayer in order that he might gain some sign, often through a dream, of the presence and nature of his guardian spirit. Upon receiving these visions, he returned home and communicated them to a shaman or elder, who helped interpret them.

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▪ Native American religion
      supernatural experience in which an individual seeks to interact with a guardian spirit, usually an anthropomorphized animal, to obtain advice or protection. Vision quests were most typically found among the native (American Indian) peoples of North and South America.

      The specific techniques for attaining visions varied from tribe to tribe, as did the age at which the first quest was to be undertaken, its length and intensity, and the expected form of the guardian spirit's presence or sign. In some tribes nearly all young people traditionally engaged in some form of vision quest, as participation in the experience was one of the rituals marking an individual's transition from childhood to adulthood. In other groups vision questing was undertaken only by males, with menarche and childbirth as the analogous experiences for females. Some groups, notably in South America, limited vision quests and guardian spirits to shamans (religious personages with powers of healing and psychic transformation, see shamanism).

      Usually an individual's first vision quest was preceded by a period of preparation with a religious specialist. The quest itself typically involved going to an isolated location and engaging in prayer while forgoing food and drink for a period of up to several days; some cultures augmented fasting and prayer with hallucinogens (hallucinogen). In some traditions the participant would watch for an animal that behaved in a significant or unusual way; in others the participant discovered an object (often a stone) that resembled some animal. In the predominant form, the initiate had a dream (the vision) in which a spirit-being appeared. Upon receiving a sign or vision, the participant returned home and sought help in interpreting the experience. Not all vision quests were successful; religious specialists generally advised individuals to abandon a given attempt if a vision was not received within a prescribed period of time.

      The techniques of the vision quest were fundamental to every visionary experience in Native American culture, whether undertaken by ordinary people seeking contact with and advice from a guardian or by great prophets and shamans. It was not unusual for vision quests to be integral parts of more elaborate rituals such as the Sun Dance of the Plains Indians (Plains Indian).

      Despite having been heavily discouraged by Christian missionaries and even outlawed by colonial governments during the 19th and 20th centuries, vision quest participation continued as an important cultural practice for many indigenous peoples of the early 21st century.

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