video art

video art
video artist.
an art form involving the creative exploitation of video technology to produce videotapes for viewing on a television screen.

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 form of moving-image art that garnered many practitioners in the 1960s and '70s with the widespread availability of inexpensive videotape recorders (video tape recorder) and the ease of its display through commercial television monitors. Video art became a major medium for artists who wished to exploit the near-universal presence of television in modern Western society. Their videotapes, often nonnarrative and of short duration, could be broadcast over public airways or played through videocassette recorders (VCRs).

      Early artists working in this medium, such as the Korean-born artist Nam June Paik (Paik, Nam June), created installations of numerous television sets programmed with their own experimental and sometimes abstract videos, creating sculptures that are internally kinetic. Paik's TV Bra for Living Sculpture (1969), in which the performance artist and cellist Charlotte Moorman played the cello topless with two small video-playing TV monitors attached to her chest, illustrates video art's long-standing ties to performance (see also performance art), as well as its often avant-garde nature. Other artists began to experiment with video projection, which enabled them to create more-monumental effects, often viewed on museum and gallery walls.

      The flexibility of the medium and the ease and immediacy of video technology attracted a wide range of artists—experimental filmmakers, photographers, performance artists, conceptual artists, sound and process artists, and others. By the 1980s and '90s higher production values and a closer intersection with installation strategies began to surface in the works of artists such as Matthew Barney (Barney, Matthew), Pipilotti Rist (Rist, Pipilotti), and Bill Viola (Viola, Bill). The advent of digital recording technologies in the 1990s and beyond has further extended the possibilities of TV monitor–based or projected video art as a major medium in modern art.

Additional Reading
Doug Hall and Sally Jo Fifer (eds.), Illuminating Video: An Essential Guide to Video Art (1990); Rob Perrée, Into Video Art: The Characteristics of a Medium (1988), in English and Dutch; Michael Rush, New Media in Art, 2nd ed. (2005).

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