Victoria Land

Victoria Land
a region in Antarctica, bordering on the Ross Sea, mainly in Ross Dependency.

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      physical region in eastern Antarctica, bounded by the Ross Sea (east) and Wilkes Land (west) and lying north of the Ross Ice Shelf. It was discovered in 1841 by a British expedition led by Sir James Clark Ross, and it was named for Queen Victoria. It consists largely of snow-covered mountains, with heights up to 13,668 feet (4,166 metres) and a network of outlet glaciers draining the adjacent East Antarctic ice sheet. Major ecological and paleoclimate studies have been made in the dry valleys of Victoria Land east of McMurdo Sound.

      The United States and New Zealand operate research stations there. More than 300 meteorites (meteorite) preserved in Antarctic ice were located in 1979 in the Allan Hills and Darwin Glacier areas of Victoria Land.

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