vertebral column.

vertebral column.

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  • vertebral column — or spinal column or spine or backbone Flexible column extending the length of the torso. In humans, it consists of 32–34 vertebrae, with different shapes and functions in each of five regions: 7 cervical, in the neck (including the atlas and axis …   Universalium

  • Vertebral column — The 33 vertebrae fit together to form a flexible, yet extraordinarily tough, column that serves to support the back through a full range of motion. It also protects the spinal cord, which runs from the brain through the hollow space in the middle …   Medical dictionary

  • Vertebral column — For other uses, see Human vertebral column. Vertebral column The vertebral column is a bony structure found in Vertebrates. It is formed from the vertebrae. References …   Wikipedia

  • vertebral column — UK [ˌvɜː(r)təbrəl ˈkɒləm] / US [ˌvɜrtəbrəl ˈkɑləm] noun [countable] Word forms vertebral column : singular vertebral column plural vertebral columns medical the main bone structure down your back that forms your spine …   English dictionary

  • vertebral column — The bones, muscles, tendons, and other tissues that reach from the base of the skull to the tailbone. The vertebral column encloses the spinal cord and the fluid surrounding the spinal cord. Also called spine, backbone, and spinal column …   English dictionary of cancer terms

  • vertebral column — noun the series of vertebrae forming the axis of the skeleton and protecting the spinal cord (Freq. 1) the fall broke his back • Syn: ↑spinal column, ↑spine, ↑backbone, ↑back, ↑rachis • Derivationally related f …   Useful english dictionary

  • vertebral column — noun The series of vertebrae that protect the spinal cord; the spinal column. Syn: spinal column …   Wiktionary

  • vertebral column — noun Date: 1822 spinal column …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • vertebral column — spinal column, spine, backbone …   English contemporary dictionary

  • vertebral column — /vɜtəbrəl ˈkɒləm/ (say vertuhbruhl koluhm) noun → spinal column …  

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