/veuh nee"sheuhn/, adj.
1. of or pertaining to Venice or its inhabitants.
2. pertaining to or designating a style of painting developed in Venice principally during the 15th and 16th centuries, characterized chiefly by rich, often warm colors and the illusion of deep space.
3. in or in imitation of the style typical of Venice: Venetian architecture.
4. a native or inhabitant of Venice.
5. (l.c.) See venetian blind.
6. venetians, a tape or braid for supporting the slats of a venetian blind.
7. Also called Venetian cloth. Textiles.
a. a wool or worsted fabric made in satin or twill weave and sometimes napped, used in the manufacture of lightweight coats, suits, skirts, and dresses.
b. a cotton fabric constructed in satin or twill weave, used chiefly for linings.
[1400-50; < ML Venetianus, equiv. to Veneti(a) Venice + L -anus -AN; r. ME Venicien < MF]

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