/vee"li jeuhr/, n.
a larval stage of certain mollusks, intermediate between the trochophore and the adult form.
[1875-80; < NL; see VELUM, -I-, -GEROUS]

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▪ mollusk larva
      larva typical of certain mollusks such as marine snails and bivalves and a few freshwater bivalves. The veliger develops from the trochophore (q.v.) larva and has large, ciliated lobes (velum). The velum forms from the ciliary ring (prototroch), a characteristic of the trochophore stage. The velum is used for swimming, feeding, and gas exchange, and it is resorbed or lost as the mollusk metamorphoses into its adult stage. In addition, the mollusk begins to develop a foot and shell during the veliger stage.

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