Utraquism, n.
/yooh"treuh kwist/, n.
[1830-40; < NL Utraquista, equiv. to L utraque (abl. sing. fem. of uterque each of two, equiv. to uter either + -que and) + NL -ista -IST]

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▪ religious movement
also called  Calixtin, or Calixtine,  

      any of the spiritual descendants of Jan Hus who believed that the laity, like the clergy, should receive the Eucharist under the forms of both bread and wine (Latin utraque, “each of two”; calix, “chalice”). Unlike the militant Taborites (Taborite) (also followers of Hus), the Utraquists were moderates and maintained amicable relations with the Roman Catholic Church. As a consequence, the Council of Basel (Basel, Council of) in 1433 declared them to be true Christians. In 1434 the Utraquists joined Catholic Czech forces to defeat the Taborites at the Battle of Lipany. When, however, the Utraquists developed into an independent church, Rome withheld approval, even though Roman bishops officiated at Utraquist ordinations to the priesthood. The Utraquists, together with all other Protestant sects, were outlawed in Bohemia after the Battle of White Mountain in 1620.

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