urine analysis

urine analysis

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  • urine analysis — urinalysis. [1880 85] * * * urine analysis, = urinalysis. (Cf. ↑urinalysis) …   Useful english dictionary

  • urine analysis — /ˈjurən ənæləsəs/ (say yoohruhn uhnaluhsuhs) noun analysis of urine chemically or microscopically …  

  • urine analysis — laboratory procedure which checks for infection within urine …   English contemporary dictionary

  • Urine organic acids — is a medical diagnostic test used to exclude the possibility that a person has an inborn error of metabolism, usually one of the organic acidoses. The usual method of analysis is tandem mass spectrometry. In most cases a random specimen of as… …   Wikipedia

  • Urine — (from Latin Urina, ae, f.) is a typically sterile (in the absence of a disease condition)[1] liquid by product of the body that is secreted by the kidneys through a process called urination and excreted through the urethra. Cellular metabolism… …   Wikipedia

  • Urine — Liquid waste. The urine is a clear, transparent fluid. It normally has an amber color. The average amount of urine excreted in 24 hours is from 40 to 60 ounces (about 1,200 cubic centimeters). Chemically, the urine is mainly an aqueous (watery)… …   Medical dictionary

  • Urine collection device — TEST!!A urine collection device or UCD is a device that allows the collection of urine for analysis (as in medical or forensic urinalysis) or for purposes of simple elimination (as in vehicles engaged in long voyages and not equipped with toilets …   Wikipedia

  • urine — noun ADJECTIVE ▪ stale ▪ I gagged at the stench of stale urine. … OF URINE ▪ drop, stream VERB + URINE ▪ …   Collocations dictionary

  • urine — n. the fluid excreted by the kidneys, which contains many of the body s waste products. It is the major route by which the end products of nitrogen metabolism – urea, uric acid, and creatinine – are excreted. The other major constituent is sodium …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • Analysis — A psychology term for processes used to gain understanding of complex emotional or behavioral issues. * * * 1. The breaking up of a chemical compound or mixture into simpler elements; a process by which the composition of a substance is… …   Medical dictionary

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