/twis"ting/, n.
the practice of an insurance agent of tricking the holder of a life insurance policy into letting it lapse so that the insured will replace it with one of a company represented by the agent.
[1905-10; TWIST + -ING1]

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▪ textile process
      in yarn and rope production, process that binds fibres or yarns together in a continuous strand, accomplished in spinning or playing operations. The direction of the twist may be to the right, described as Z twist, or to the left, described as S twist.

      Single yarn is formed by twisting fibres or filaments in one direction. Ply yarn is made by twisting two or more single yarns together, usually by combining singles twisted in one direction with a ply twist in the opposite direction. Twine, cord, or rope can be made with a cable twist, each twist in the opposite direction of the preceding twist (S/Z/S or Z/S/Z), or with a hawser twist, the single yarns and the first ply twist in one direction and the second ply twist in the opposite direction (S/S/Z or Z/Z/S). The number of turns per unit of length in a yarn affects the appearance and durability of fabric made from that yarn. Yarns used for soft-surfaced fabrics have less twist than those used for smooth-surfaced fabrics. Yarns made into crepe fabrics have maximum twist.

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