/tus'keuh rawr"euh, -rohr"euh/, n., pl. Tuscaroras, (esp. collectively) Tuscarora.
1. a member of an Indian people living originally in North Carolina and later, after their admission into the Iroquois confederacy, in New York.
2. an Iroquoian language, the language of the Tuscarora people.

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      Iroquoian-speaking North American Indian tribe. When first encountered by Europeans in the 17th century, the Tuscarora occupied what is now North Carolina. They were noted for their use of indigenous hemp for fibre and medicine; their name derives from an Iroquoian term for “hemp gatherers.”

      Traditionally, the Tuscarora depended heavily on cultivating corn (maize); they were also expert hunters. Later they expanded their economy by trading rum to neighbouring Indian groups. The typical Tuscarora dwelling was a round lodge of poles overlaid with bark. Evidence suggests that they were organized in exogamous clans, with the clans grouped into two moieties in each of the three tribes constituting the Tuscarora nation.

      After the British established trade in the area (c. 1670), they frequently kidnapped Tuscarora men, women, and children to be sold into slavery; British traders also seized tribal lands without payment. These depredations led to the outbreak of war in 1711, after Tuscarora attempts to obtain relief peacefully were repulsed. Over the following 90 years the Tuscarora moved northward, having been admitted into the Iroquois League (Iroquois Confederacy) (q.v.; Iroquois Confederacy) as the sixth nation. Many Tuscarora supported the revolutionaries in the American War of Independence; those who favoured the British were granted lands on Grand River reservation, in Ontario. The highest estimate of Tuscarora population in the early 17th century was about 5,000. Tuscarora descendants numbered more than 5,600 in the early 21st century.

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