turbaned, adj.turbanless, adj.turbanlike, adj.
/terr"beuhn/, n.
1. a man's headdress worn chiefly by Muslims in southern Asia, consisting of a long cloth of silk, linen, cotton, etc., wound either about a cap or directly around the head.
2. any headdress resembling this.
3. any of various off-the-face hats for women that are close-fitting, of a soft fabric, and brimless, or that have a narrow, sometimes draped, brim.
[1555-65; earlier torbant, var. of tulbant < Turk tülbent < Pers dulband]

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Arabic  ʿimāmah,  Persian  dulbānd,  
 a headdress consisting of a long scarf wound round the head or a smaller, underlying hat. Turbans vary in shape, colour, and size; some are made with up to 50 yards (45 metres) of fabric.

 In the Old World, the turban is of Eastern origin and is often worn by Muslim men, though after the early 19th century it was no longer obligatory for Muslims. A number of American Indian groups also wore turbans, having developed the head covering independently.

 The turban was briefly adopted by European men in the 14th century. At times from the late 18th century until the present, women have worn turbans fashioned of silk scarves, satin, silk moiré, gauze, or tulle over wire, crepe, and the like. The French designer Paul Poiret (Poiret, Paul) was especially noted for introducing turbans to the French couture in the years before World War I.

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