n., adj. /trip"li kit, -kayt'/; v. /trip"li kayt'/, n., v., triplicated, triplicating, adj.
1. one of three identical items, esp. copies of typewritten material.
2. in triplicate,
a. in three identical copies: This letter should be done in triplicate.
b. threefold: That goes for me, too, in triplicate.
3. to make threefold; triple.
4. to make in triplicate: to triplicate a report before releasing it.
5. produced in or consisting of three copies or parts; threefold; triple: triplicate contracts.
[1400-50; late ME (adj.) < L triplicatus (ptp. of triplicare to triple), equiv. to triplic- (s. of triplex) TRIPLEX + -atus -ATE1]

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