/trav"euh leuhr, trav"leuhr/, n.
1. a person or thing that travels.
2. a person who travels or has traveled in distant places or foreign lands.
4. part of a mechanism constructed to move in a fixed course.
5. Textiles. (in ring spinning) a small metal device that moves rapidly around the ring and guides the yarn onto the revolving bobbin.
6. Naut.
a. a metal ring or thimble fitted to move freely on a rope, spar, or rod.
b. Also called horse. the rope, spar, or rod itself.
7. Also, traveler curtain. Theat. a transverse curtain opened by being drawn from both sides of the proscenium.
8. (often cap.) Chiefly Brit. a member of any of a number of traditionally itinerant peoples of the British Isles and other English-speaking areas, including, in addition to people of Gypsy origin, autochthonous groups such as the speakers of Shelta.
Also, esp. Brit., traveller.
[1325-75; ME travaillour. See TRAVEL, -ER1]

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