translatable, adj.translatability, translatableness, n.
/trans layt", tranz-, trans"layt, tranz"-/, v., translated, translating.
1. to turn from one language into another or from a foreign language into one's own: to translate Spanish.
2. to change the form, condition, nature, etc., of; transform; convert: to translate wishes into deeds.
3. to explain in terms that can be more easily understood; interpret.
4. to bear, carry, or move from one place, position, etc., to another; transfer.
5. Mech. to cause (a body) to move without rotation or angular displacement; subject to translation.
6. Computers. to convert (a program, data, code, etc.) from one form to another: to translate a FORTRAN program into assembly language.
7. Telegraphy. to retransmit or forward (a message), as by a relay.
8. Eccles.
a. to move (a bishop) from one see to another.
b. to move (a see) from one place to another.
c. to move (relics) from one place to another.
9. to convey or remove to heaven without natural death.
10. Math. to perform a translation on (a set, function, etc.).
11. to express the value of (a currency) in a foreign currency by applying the exchange rate.
12. to exalt in spiritual or emotional ecstasy; enrapture.
13. to provide or make a translation; act as translator.
14. to admit of translation: The Greek expression does not translate easily into English.
[1250-1300; ME translaten < L translatus (ptp. of transferre to transfer), equiv. to trans- TRANS- + -latus (suppletive ptp. of ferre to BEAR1), earlier *tlatus, equiv. to *tla- bear (akin to THOLE2) + -tus ptp. suffix]

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