tramless, adj.
/tram/, n., v., trammed, tramming.
1. Brit. a streetcar.
2. a tramway; tramroad.
3. Also called tramcar /tram"kahr'/. a truck or car on rails for carrying loads in a mine.
4. the vehicle or cage of an overhead carrier.
v.t., v.i.
5. to convey or travel by tram.
[1490-1500 for an earlier sense; 1820-30 for def. 2; orig. shafts of a barrow or cart, rails for carts (in mines); perh. < MD trame beam]
/tram/, n., v., trammed, tramming.
1. trammel (def. 3).
2. Mach. to adjust (something) correctly.
[1880-85; short for TRAMMEL]
/tram/, n.
silk that has been slightly or loosely twisted, used weftwise in weaving silk fabrics. Cf. organzine.
[1300-50 for an earlier sense; 1670-80 for current sense; ME tram(m)e machination, contrivance < OF traime weft, cunning contrivance < L trama warp]

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