/tooh pay"/, n.
1. a man's wig.
2. a patch of false hair for covering a bald spot.
3. (formerly) a curl or an artificial lock of hair on the top of the head, esp. as a crowning feature of a periwig.
[1720-30; var. of toupet < F, equiv. to OF to(u)p tuft ( < Gmc; see TOP1) + -et -ET]

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also spelled  Toupet,  
 originally, any raised roll of hair just above the forehead, either natural or artificial; today, a small hairpiece generally covering a bald spot. The toupee developed during the 18th century, when men and women began to comb the front hair over the top line of the wig to create a natural-looking hairline.

      The toupee eventually increased in height until it reached an exaggerated size in the 1770s, the front hair being built over wire frames, pads, or felt cushions. Toward the end of the century, the toupee diminished in height, and it began to pass out of fashion as the French Revolution ushered in an age of naturalism.

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