totable, toteable, adj.toter, n.
/toht/, v., toted, toting, n.
1. to carry, as on one's back or in one's arms: to tote a bundle.
2. to carry on one's person: to tote a gun.
3. to transport or convey, as on a vehicle or boat.
4. the act or course of toting.
5. something that is toted.
6. See tote bag.
[1670-80, Amer.; orig. uncert.]
/toht/, v.t., toted, toting.
Informal. to add up; total.
[1885-90; prob. v. use of tote, shortening of TOTAL]
/toht/, n. Informal.
a totalizator.
[1890-95; by shortening]

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