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(as used in expressions)
Kuang wu ti
t'u ti
Yang ti

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 in botany, any of the tropical trees and shrubs of the genus Cordyline of the family Laxmanniaceae, native to Asia and some Pacific islands. Many are grown as ornamental plants. Ti, or ti tree (C. australis), is sometimes sold as C. indivisa or Dracaena australis. In the wild it is a tree up to about 12 metres (40 feet) tall with a crown of long leaves, but it is much shorter when grown as a houseplant. It also is known as tuft tree, or cabbage tree, because of its rosette of leaves. It has green or white flowers and thick roots. The fruit is a berry.

      Other species, especially C. terminalis, also are cultivated as ornamentals; many horticultural varieties with colourful leaves have been developed. The underground stems of some species are used for food and the long leaves for roofing material and clothing.

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