/thuy"meen, -min/, n. Biochem.
a pyrimidine base, C5H6N2O2, that is one of the principal components of DNA, in which it is paired with adenine. Symbol: T
[1890-95; THYM(IC)2 + -INE2]

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Organic compound of the pyrimidine family, often called a base, consisting of a ring containing both nitrogen and carbon atoms, and a methyl group.

It occurs in combined form in many important biological molecules, particularly DNA (where its complementary base is adenine). It or its corresponding nucleoside or nucleotide may be prepared from DNA by selective techniques of hydrolysis.

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      organic compound of the pyrimidine family that is a constituent of deoxyribonucleic acid ( DNA). DNA, along with RNA (ribonucleic acid), regulates hereditary characteristics in all living cells. Like the other nitrogenous components of nucleic acids, thymine is part of thymidine, a corresponding nucleoside (a structural unit composed of a nitrogen compound and a sugar), in which it is chemically linked with the sugar deoxyribose. It is also part of thymidylic acid, a nucleotide (a larger structural unit composed of a nucleoside and phosphoric acid), which is a phosphate ester of thymidine. The nucleotide, the nucleoside, or thymine itself may be prepared from DNA by selective techniques of hydrolysis.

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