/thooh"lee euhm/, n. Chem.
a rare-earth metallic element found in the minerals euxenite, gadolinite, etc. Symbol: Tm; at. wt.: 168.934; at. no.: 69; sp. gr.: 9.32.
[1875-80; < NL; see THULE, -IUM]

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 (Tm), chemical element, rare-earth metal of the lanthanoid series of the periodic table. One of the rarest of the rare-earth elements, though more abundant than silver, thulium has few commercial uses. Natural thulium is wholly composed of the stable isotope thulium-169. Bombarded by neutrons, it becomes radioactive thulium-170 (128-day half-life), which ejects soft gamma radiation (0.084 million electron volts) resembling an X ray (X-ray). It is useful in small portable X-ray units suitable for photographing bony tissues and for examining thin-walled machine parts and has been used by archaeologists to examine markings and symbols on ancient metallic artifacts.

      Thulium was discovered (1879), along with holmium, by Per Teodor Cleve (Cleve, Per Teodor), who named the oxide thulia after an ancient name for Scandinavia. It is found in small amounts in such rare-earth minerals as xenotime and euxenite and in the products of nuclear fission. Commercial production involves ion exchange from the important mineral monazite (only about 0.007 percent thulium).

      Thulium can be prepared in the +2 oxidation state, as in the dark-coloured diiodide TmI2. The Tm2+ ion is not stable in water; it momentarily gives a violet-red colour before being oxidized to the predominant +3 state. Thulium in the +3 state forms a series of pale-green salts.

atomic number
atomic weight
melting point
1,545° C
boiling point
1,727° C
specific gravity
9.314 (25° C)
oxidation states
+2, +3
electronic config.
[Xe]4f 135d06s2

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