/throm'boh fli buy"tis/, n. Pathol.
the presence of a thrombus in a vein accompanied by inflammation of the vessel wall. Cf. phlebothrombosis.
[1895-1900; < NL; see THROMBO-, PHLEBITIS]

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      inflammation of a vein coupled with formation of a blood clot (thrombus) that adheres to the wall of the vessel. The inflammation may precede or follow formation of the clot. Because movement of the blood through veins depends upon contractions of the muscles, prolonged inactivity (such as bed rest after a surgical procedure or during convalescence from a serious illness) may lead to insufficient movement of the blood through the veins, with resultant formation of clots and inflammation. The condition most often affects the legs. There may be pain at the site of the blockage or throbbing pain throughout the leg. If the affected vein is near the surface, it feels like a cord to the touch.

      Treatment of thrombophlebitis is primarily by administration of anticoagulant or fibrinolytic drugs, slight elevation of the affected leg, application of heat, elastic supports, and brief periods of walking to encourage circulation. Occasionally surgical treatment may be necessary. See also thrombosis; phlebothrombosis.

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