/theuh rap"sid/, n.
1. any of various groups of mammallike reptiles of the extinct order Therapsida, inhabiting all continents from mid-Permian to late Triassic times, some of which were probably warm-blooded and directly ancestral to mammals.
2. of or pertaining to the Therapsida.
[ < NL Therapsida (1905), equiv. to Gk ther- (s. of thér wild beast) + apsid- (s. of apsís arch, vault, referring to the temporal arch of the skull) + NL -a neut. pl. ending (see -A1)]

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▪ fossil reptile order
      any member of a major order (Therapsida) of reptiles of Permian and Triassic time (from 299 million to 200 million years ago). Therapsids were the stock that gave rise to mammals. As early as the preceding Carboniferous Period (from 359 million to 299 million years ago), there appeared a distinct evolutionary line, beginning with the archaic mammal ancestors, order Pelycosauria, and leading toward mammals. From one pelycosaur family sprang the therapsids. Therapsids include mammals and other cynodonts; they form a subgroup of the Synopsida, one of the major branches of amniotes. Therapsids first appear in the Permian Period, during which they flourished and evolved into a number of mammal forms.

      Primitive therapsids are present as fossils in certain Middle Permian deposits; later forms are known from every continent except Australia but are commonest in the Late Permian and Early Triassic of South Africa. The limbs and limb girdles were modified for four-footed locomotion. The skull, as in mammals, had a single opening in the temporal region, bounded below by a bony arch. In most species the teeth were differentiated into mammal-like nipping incisors, large stabbing canines, and a series of grinding cheek teeth. The lower jaw, however, was reptilian in structure, being composed of seven bones instead of one as in mammals, and had a different, primitive articulation with the skull. In advanced forms, as in mammals, there was a bony palate in the roof of the mouth.

      A notable therapsid side branch was that of the herbivorous dicynodonts (two-tuskers), in which upper canines were retained but the other teeth were replaced by a horny bill. Among carnivorous therapsids, gorgonopsians and therocephalians were characteristic of the Permian, and cynodonts and bauriamorphs were advanced Triassic representatives. A few therapsids were still present in the Late Triassic and even into the Jurassic, but most had by then become extinct or had evolved into primitive mammals.

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