theorbist, n.
/thee awr"boh/, n., pl. theorbos.
an obsolete bass lute with two sets of strings attached to separate peg boxes, one above the other, on the neck.
[1595-1605; < It teorba, var. of tiorba, special use of Venetian tiorba, var. of tuorba traveling bag Turk torba bag; so called from the bag it was carried in]

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      large bass lute, or archlute, used from the 16th to the 18th century for song accompaniments and for basso continuo parts. It had six to eight single strings running along the fingerboard and, alongside them, eight off-the-fingerboard bass strings, or diapasons. Both sets of strings had separate pegboxes connected by an S curve in the instrument's neck. On 18th-century theorbos all but the two top courses of strings were double.

      A similar, smaller instrument, the theorbo-lute, or French lute, was a modification of the regular double-strung lute, to which were added one to three off-the-fingerboard courses of bass strings. There were two pegboxes, one angled backward. Smaller and more agile than the theorbo, the theorbo-lute was the favourite of the 17th-century school of French lutenists; through them, it influenced the style of French harpsichord music.

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