/tee'euh sin"tee, tay'-/, n.
a tall grass, Zea mexicana, of Mexico and Central America, closely related to corn, and sometimes cultivated as a fodder plant.
[1875-80; < MexSp < Nahuatl teocintli, equiv. to teo(tl) god + cintli dried ear of maize]

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Tall, stout, annual grass (Zea mexicana or Euchlaena mexicana) of the family Poaceae (or Gramineae), native to Mexico.

Related to corn, teosinte grows in large clumps, producing bundles of fruiting spikes enclosed in husks and with silk hanging from the upper ends, similar to corn ears. Species of corn have recently been crossed with teosinte to produce a perennial variety of corn.

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      any of four species of tall, stout, solitary annual or spreading perennial grasses of the family Poaceae, native to Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. corn, or maize (Z. mays mays), is a worldwide cultigen that was derived from the “Balsas” teosinte (Z. mays parviglumis) of southern Mexico in pre-Columbian times more than 5,000 years ago.

      Annual teosintes strongly resemble subspecies mays in their large terminal, plumelike, male inflorescences (the tassels). However, they differ strongly in their small, 5–12-seeded female ears, which are hidden in clusters in the leaf axils. Nonetheless, both the perennial and annual species readily cross with corn, and in the 1980s attempts were made to produce a perennial variety of corn. Teosintes have a high resistance to both viral and fungal diseases of corn as well as corn insect pests.

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