/teel/, n., pl. teals, (esp. collectively) teal for 1.
1. any of several species of small dabbling ducks, of worldwide distribution, usually traveling in tight flocks and frequenting ponds and marshes.
2. Also called teal blue. a medium to dark greenish blue.
[1275-1325; ME tele; akin to D taling, MLG telink]

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Any of about 15 species (genus Anas, family Anatidae) of small dabbling ducks found on the major continents and many islands.

Many are popular game birds. The Holarctic green-winged teal, usually found in a dense flock, is 13–15 in. (33–38 cm) long. The small blue-winged teal breeds across Canada and the northern U.S. and winters south of the U.S. The Hottentot teal of Africa frequently remains immobile among vegetation even when shots are fired nearby. Teal are primarily herbivorous, but some species eat small animals. Flocks of many species take off and change direction in unison.

Holarctic American green-winged teal drake (Anas crecca carolinensis).

Gordon Langsbury-Bruce Coleman Inc.

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 any of about 15 small ducks of the genus Anas (family Anatidae), found on the six major continents and many islands. Within the divisions of true duck species, the teal belong in the dabbling duck group. Many of the teal are popular as game birds, the best known being the Holarctic green-winged teal (A. crecca), a bird about 33–38 centimetres (13–15 inches) in length, usually found in dense flocks. The small blue-winged teal (A. discors) breeds across Canada and the northern United States and winters south of the U.S. Also found in North America is the cinnamon teal (A. cyanoptera), a richly coloured reddish bird with a blue wing patch. The Hottentot teal (A. punctata) of Africa is quite tame and frequently remains immobile among vegetation even when shots are fired nearby. Teal are primarily herbivorous, although animal foods may comprise 25 percent of the diet of some species such as the blue-wing. In many species flocks take off as a group and change direction in unison.

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