tarnishable, adj.
/tahr"nish/, v.t.
1. to dull the luster of (a metallic surface), esp. by oxidation; discolor.
2. to diminish or destroy the purity of; stain; sully: The scandal tarnished his reputation.
3. to grow dull or discolored; lose luster.
4. to become sullied.
5. a tarnished coating.
6. tarnished condition; discoloration; alteration of the luster of a metal.
7. a stain or blemish.
[1590-1600; < MF terniss-, long s. of ternir to dull, deaden, deriv. of terne dull, wan < Gmc; cf. OHG tarni, c. OS derni, OE dierne hidden, obscure; see -ISH2]
Syn. 2. taint, blemish, soil.
Ant. 1. brighten.

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