/tam"euh rind/, n.
1. the pod of a large, tropical tree, Tamarindus indica, of the legume family, containing seeds enclosed in a juicy acid pulp that is used in beverages and food.
2. the tree itself.
[1525-35; < ML tamarindus Ar tamr hindi lit., Indian date]

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Evergreen tree (Tamarindus indica) of the pea family (see legume), native to tropical Africa and cultivated elsewhere as an ornamental and for its edible fruit.

The tree grows about 80 ft (24 m) tall and has featherlike leaves. It bears small clusters of yellow flowers and plump pods that do not split open. The soft, brownish edible pulp contains 1–12 large, flat seeds that are used in Oriental foods, beverages, and medicines.

Tamarind (Tamarindus indica)

Walter Dawn

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 (species Tamarindus indica), evergreen tree, of the pea family (Fabaceae), native to tropical Africa. It is widely cultivated in other regions as an ornamental and for its edible fruit. The tree grows to about 24 m (80 feet) tall and has alternate, pinnately compound (feather-formed) leaves; the leaflets are about 2 cm (0.75 inch) long. The yellow flowers, about 2.5 cm across, are borne in small clusters. The fruit is a plump pod 7.5–24 cm long that does not split open. It contains 1 to 12 large, flat seeds embedded in a soft, brownish pulp. This portion of the fruit is widely used in the Orient in foods, beverages, and medicines.

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