sweet birch

sweet birch
a North American tree, Betula lenta, having smooth, blackish bark and twigs that are a source of methyl salicylate. Also called black birch, cherry birch.
[1775-85, Amer.]

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also called  black birch , cherry birch , and  red birch 
 North American ornamental and timber tree in the family Betulaceae. Usually about 18 m (60 feet) tall, the tree may reach 24 m or more in the southern Appalachians; on poor soil it may be stunted and shrublike.

      The smooth, shiny, nonpeeling outer bark, red brown on younger stems, is almost black on older trunks and deeply furrowed into irregular scales. The twigs and inner bark smell and taste like wintergreen.

      The hard, close-grained wood is similar to that of yellow birch but denser and of deeper colour; both are used for veneer, flooring, furniture, doors, plywood, and vehicle parts. Sweet birch is a source of birch oil, formerly a substitute for oil of wintergreen. Birch beer is made from the sap.

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