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  • hematozoal — he·ma·to·zo·al or chiefly Brit hae·ma·to·zo·al .hē mət ə zō əlalso .hem ət , hi .mat ə adj of, relating to, or caused by animal parasites of the blood <hematozoal diseases> * * * he·ma·to·zo·al (he″mə to ) (he″mə to… …   Medical dictionary

  • hematozoal — hem·a·to·zoal …   English syllables

  • hematozoal — |heməd.ə|zōəl, |hēm adjective : of or relating to hematozoa; also : blood dwelling …   Useful english dictionary

  • hematozoon — hematozoal, hematozoic, adj. /hi mat euh zoh on, euhn, hee meuh teuh , hem euh /, n., pl. hematozoa / zoh euh/. a parasitic protozoan that lives in the blood. [1885 90; HEMATO + ZOON] * * * …   Universalium

  • hematozoic — See hematozoal. * * * …   Universalium

  • hack — hak vi to cough in a short dry manner hack n a short dry cough Each boldface word in the list below is a chiefly British variant of the word to its right in small capitals. haem HEME haemacytometer HEMACYTOMETER haemadsorbing HEMADSORBING… …   Medical dictionary

  • hematozoan — he·ma·to·zo·an or chiefly Brit hae·ma·to·zo·an zō ən n a blood dwelling animal parasite * * * he·ma·to·zo·an (he″mə to ) (hem″ə to zoґən) [hemato + Gr. zōon animal] 1. pertaining to or caused by animal parasites… …   Medical dictionary

  • hematozoon — [hem΄ə tō zō′än΄, hē΄mətō zō′än; hem΄ə tō΄zo′ən, hē′mə tōzo′ən] n. pl. hematozoa [ModL: see HEMATO & ZOON] any parasitic animal organism in the blood hematozoic [hem΄ə tō zōik, hē΄mə tō zō′ik] adj. hematozoal [hem΄ə tō zō′əl, hē΄mə tō zō′əl;… …   English World dictionary

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