/sooh'peuhr euh bownd"/, v.i.
1. to abound beyond something else.
2. to be very abundant or too abundant (usually fol. by in or with).
[1400-50; late ME superabounden < LL superabundare, equiv. to super- SUPER- + abundare to ABOUND]

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  • Superabound — Su per*a*bound , v. i. [L. superabundare: cf. OF. superabonder. See {Super }, and {Abound}.] To be very abundant or exuberant; to be more than sufficient; as, the country superabounds with corn. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • superabound — [so͞o΄pər ə bound′] vi. [ME superhabounden < LL superabundare: see SUPER & ABOUND] to be greatly or excessively abundant …   English World dictionary

  • superabound — /supərəˈbaʊnd/ (say soohpuhruh bownd) verb (i) 1. to abound beyond something else. –phrase 2. superabound in (or with), to contain in very abundant or too abundant measure …   Australian-English dictionary

  • superabound — intransitive verb Etymology: Middle English, from Late Latin superabundare, from Latin super + abundare to abound Date: 14th century to abound or prevail in greater measure or to excess …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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  • superabound — su·per·a bound || ‚suːpÉ™(r)É™ baÊŠnd v. be extremely abundant; be excessively very many; abound over and above something else …   English contemporary dictionary

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  • superabound — su·per·abound …   English syllables

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