suo jure

suo jure
/soo"oh yooh"rdde/; Eng. /sooh"oh joor"ee/, Latin.
in one's own right.

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  • Suo jure — is a Latin phrase meaning in her [or his] own right .It is commonly encountered in the context of titles of nobility, especially in cases where a wife may hold a title in her own right rather than through her marriage.Notable suo jure titles*… …   Wikipedia

  • Suo jure — est une expression latine qui signifie « de son plein droit ». Il est généralement employé lorsqu on parle d une femme ayant hérité d un titre « de son plein droit », c est à dire de naissance. L expression s oppose à jure… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • suo jure — [so͞o′ō joor′ē] n. [L] in or by one s own right …   English World dictionary

  • suo jure — /soo oh yooh rdde/; Eng. /sooh oh joor ee/, Latin. in one s own right. * * * suo jure /sooˈō jŭrˈē or sŭˈō yooˈrē/ (esp law) adverb In one s own right ORIGIN: L …   Useful english dictionary

  • suo jure — /suoʊ ˈdʒʊəri/ (say soohoh joouhree) adverb in his, her, its, or their own right. {Latin} …  

  • suo jure — foreign term Etymology: Latin in his or her own right …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Jure uxoris — is a Latin term that means by right of his wife or in right of a wife .[1] It is commonly used to refer to a title held by a man whose wife holds it in her own right. In other words, he acquired the title simply by being her husband. The husband… …   Wikipedia

  • nullus videtur dolo facere qui suo jure utitur — /nalas vadiytar dowlo faesariy kway s(y)uwow juriy yuwtatar/ No one is considered to act with guile who uses his own right …   Black's law dictionary

  • Nullus videtur dolo facere, qui suo jure utitur — No one is deemed to work a fraud who exercises his own right. Fisher, Brown & Co. v Fielding, 67 Conn 91, 34 A 714 …   Ballentine's law dictionary

  • a jure suo cadunt — /ey juriy s(y)iiwow kaedant/ They (for example, persons abandoning chattels) lose their right …   Black's law dictionary

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