Sunda Strait

Sunda Strait
a strait between Sumatra and Java, connecting the Java Sea and the Indian Ocean. 20-65 mi. (32-105 km) wide.

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Channel between the islands of Java and Sumatra.

It is 16–70 mi (26–110 km) wide and links the Java Sea with the Indian Ocean. It contains several volcanic islands, the most famous of which is Krakatoa (Krakatau).

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Indonesian  Selat Sunda 

      channel, 16–70 miles (26–110 km) wide, between the islands of Java (east) and Sumatra, that links the Java Sea (Pacific Ocean) with the Indian Ocean (south). There are several volcanic islands within the strait, the most famous of which is Krakatoa, which erupted on August 27, 1883, causing a tsunami with waves as high as 125 feet (38 metres) that destroyed 300 towns and villages and killed about 36,000 people. The strait was the scene of an encounter between U.S. and Japanese forces in March 1942. The Sunda Strait is an important passage connecting the Indian Ocean with eastern Asia.

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