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  • Submammary — Sub*mam ma*ry, a. Situated under the mamm[ae]; as, submammary inflammation. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • submammary — 1. Deep to the mammary gland. 2. SYN: inframammary. * * * sub·mam·ma·ry (səb mamґə re) located or occurring inferior to or deep to a mammary gland. Called also inframammary …   Medical dictionary

  • submammary — adj …   Useful english dictionary

  • submammary abscess — an abscess beneath the mammary gland …   Medical dictionary

  • retromammary mastitis — submammary mastitis paramastitis …   Medical dictionary

  • Mastitis — Inflammation of one or more mammary glands within the breast, usually in a lactating woman. It can be felt as a hard, sore spot within the breast. Mastitis can be caused by an infection in the breast or by a plugged milk duct. Treatment is by… …   Medical dictionary

  • inframammary — Inferior to the mammary gland. SYN: submammary (2). * * * in·fra·mam·ma·ry .in frə mam ə rē adj situated or occurring below the mammary gland <inframammary pain> * * * in·fra·mam·ma·ry (in″frə mamґə re) submammary …   Medical dictionary

  • Lichen nitidus — Infobox Disease Name = PAGENAME Caption = DiseasesDB = 34283 ICD10 = ICD10|L|44|1|l|40 ICD9 = ICD9|697.1 ICDO = OMIM = MedlinePlus = eMedicineSubj = derm eMedicineTopic = 232 MeshID = D017513 Lichen nitidus is a chronic inflammatory disease of… …   Wikipedia

  • Breast augmentation — Enlargement of the breasts. Augmentation of the breast typically consists of insertion of a silicone bag (prosthesis) under the breast (submammary) or under the breast and chest muscle (subpectoral) and then filling the bag with saline (salt… …   Medical dictionary

  • Incision — A cut. When making an incision, a surgeon is making a cut. * * * A cut; a surgical wound; a division of the soft parts usually made with a knife. [L. incisio] bucket handle i. a bilateral subcostal abdominal i.. celiotomy i. an i. through the… …   Medical dictionary

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