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  • subcollection — noun A subset of a collection …   Wiktionary

  • subcollection — n …   Useful english dictionary

  • Vitali covering lemma — In mathematics, the Vitali covering lemma is a combinatorial and geometric result commonly used in measure theory of Euclidean spaces. tatement of the lemma* Finite version: Let B {1},...,B {n} be any collection of d dimensional balls contained… …   Wikipedia

  • Subbase — In highway engineering, subbase is a layer between subgrade and the base course.In topology, a subbase (or subbasis) for a topological space X with topology T is a subcollection B of T which generates T , in the sense that T is the smallest… …   Wikipedia

  • Finite intersection property — In general topology, the finite intersection property is a property of a collection of subsets of a set X . A collection has this property if the intersection over any finite subcollection of the collection is nonempty.DefinitionLet X be a set… …   Wikipedia

  • Helly's theorem — In geometry, Helly s theorem is a basic combinatorial result on convex sets. It was proved by Eduard Helly in 1923, and gave rise to the notion of Helly family.tatement of Helly s theorem:Suppose that::X 1,X 2,dots,X n :is a finite collection of… …   Wikipedia

  • Hall's marriage theorem — In mathematics, Hall s marriage theorem is a combinatorial result that gives the condition allowing the selection of a distinct element from each of a collection of finite sets. It was proved by Philip Hall (1935). Contents 1 Definitions and …   Wikipedia

  • Cyc — For other uses, see CYC (disambiguation). Cyc Developer(s) Cycorp Written in Lisp, CycL Type Ontology and Inference engine Cyc is an artificial intelligence project that attempts to assemble …   Wikipedia

  • Ordered field — In mathematics, an ordered field is a field together with a total ordering of its elements that is compatible with the field operations. Historically, the axiomatization of an ordered field was abstracted gradually from the real numbers, by… …   Wikipedia

  • CycL — in computer science and artificial intelligence is an ontology language used by Doug Lenat s Cyc artificial intelligence project. Ramanathan V. Guha was instrumental in the design of early versions of the language. There is a close variant of… …   Wikipedia

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