/stud"book'/, n.
a genealogical register of a stud or studs; a book giving the pedigree of animals, esp. horses.
[1795-1805; STUD2 + BOOK]

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      official record of the pedigree of purebred animals, particularly horses and dogs, usually published by a national breed association or similar regulating organization.

      Most studbooks are patterned after the British General Stud Book for Thoroughbred horses, first published in 1791 by James Weatherby, whose descendants have continued to produce it on behalf of the Jockey Club. Although Weatherby's first book specifically denied that it was either complete or free from error, the General Stud Book soon became the supreme authority on Thoroughbred pedigrees. Only horses listed were eligible to compete on licensed racecourses in England, and for years many Thoroughbreds whose ancestors could not all be traced to listed horses were excluded from British racing. Beginning in 1948, however, rules were relaxed somewhat.

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