/stawr"aks, stohr"-/, n.
1. a solid resin with a vanillalike odor, obtained from a small tree, Styrax officinalis: formerly used in medicine and perfumery.
2. a liquid balsam (liquid storax) obtained from species of liquidambar, esp. from the wood and inner bark of Liquidambar orientalis (Levant storax), a tree of Asia Minor: used chiefly in medicine and perfumery.
3. any shrub or tree of the genus Styrax, of the storax family, having elongated clusters of showy, white flowers.
[1350-1400; ME < L, var. of styrax < Gk stýrax]

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 any of about 120 species of the genus Styrax, shrubs and trees of the family Styracaceae, mostly in tropical or warm regions. The deciduous leaves are alternate and short-stalked. The white flowers, usually borne in pendulous terminal clusters, have a five-lobed corolla (the petals, collectively). Among the best-known cultivated species are S. japonicum (Japanese snowbell), native to East Asia and growing to about 9 metres (30 feet) tall; S. obassia (fragrant snowbell), native to Japan and growing to about 9 metres; S. americana, native to southeastern North America and growing from 1.8 to 2.7 metres (6 to 9 feet); and S. officinalis (snowdrop bush), native to eastern Europe and Asia Minor and growing to about 6 metres (20 feet). A resin known as storax, used in incense, was formerly obtained from S. officinalis.

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