standard atmosphere

standard atmosphere
1. an arbitrarily determined vertical distribution of atmospheric pressure, temperature, and density, assumed to have physical constants and conforming to parametric equations, used for calculations in ballistics, the design of pressure altimeters, etc.
2. a standard unit of atmospheric pressure, having a value of 1013.2 millibars or 29.9213 in. (760 mm) of mercury.

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▪ atmospheric model
      atmospheric model with a given vertical distribution of temperature, pressure, and humidity, which by international agreement is taken as a worldwide average of these parameters.

      In such a model, the atmosphere is assumed to obey the perfect gas law and to be in hydrostatic equilibrium (i.e., without accelerations of the air in the vertical direction). Further assumptions are that the air is dry and that the acceleration of gravity does not change with height.

      Under the above conditions, the vertical variations of pressure and density may be determined for a given set of values at sea level and for any vertical distribution of temperature. Even though the real atmosphere may vary considerably from the assumed standard atmosphere, the latter is useful for such purposes as pressure altimeter calibrations, aircraft and missile designs, ballistic trajectories, and other problems. For many of these purposes, deviations of the real atmosphere from the standard do not cause serious errors in the calculations.

▪ unit of measurement
      unit of pressure, equal to the mean atmospheric pressure at sea level. It corresponds to the pressure exerted by a vertical column of mercury (as in a barometer) 760 mm (29.9213 inches) high. One standard atmosphere, which is also referred to as one atmosphere, is equivalent to 101,325 pascals, or newtons of force per square metre (approximately 14.7 pounds per square inch). See also millibar.

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