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(as used in expressions)
St. Mary
Alexander Harold Rupert Leofric George Alexander 1st Earl
Amherst Jeffery Amherst 1st Baron
Asquith Herbert Henry 1st earl of Oxford and Asquith
Attlee Clement Richard 1st Earl Attlee of Walthamstow
Bacon Francis Viscount St. Albans
Baden Powell of Gilwell Robert Stephenson Smyth 1st Baron
Baldwin of Bewdley Stanley Baldwin 1st Earl
Balfour of Whittingehame Arthur James 1st Earl
Baltimore of Baltimore George Calvert 1st Baron
Beveridge of Tuggal William Henry 1st Baron
Birkenhead Frederick Edwin Smith 1st earl of
Bolingbroke Henry Saint John 1st Viscount
Buckingham 1st duke of
Cadogan William 1st Earl
Cecil Robert 1st earl of Salisbury
Cecil William 1st Baron Burghley
Clarendon Edward Hyde 1st earl of
Clive of Plassey Robert 1st Baron
Cooper Alfred Duff 1st Viscount Norwich of Aldwick
Cornwallis Charles Cornwallis 1st Marquess and 2nd Earl
Cromer Evelyn Baring 1st earl of
Cunard Sir Samuel 1st Baronet
Dorchester of Dorchester Guy Carleton 1st Baron
Durham John George Lambton 1st earl of
Eden Robert Anthony 1st earl of Avon
Erskine of Restormel Thomas Erskine 1st Baron
Essex Walter Devereux 1st earl of
Fisher of Kilverstone John Arbuthnot Fisher 1st Baron
French John Denton Pinkstone 1st earl of Ypres
Gama Vasco da 1st count da Vidigueira
Gorey Edward St. John
Haig Douglas 1st Earl
Haldane of Cloane Richard Burdon 1st Viscount
Halifax Edward Frederick Lindley Wood 1st earl of
Harley Robert 1st earl of Oxford
Harris Sir Arthur Travers 1st Baronet
Jellicoe John Rushworth Jellicoe 1st Earl
Johnson Sir William 1st Baronet
Kilby Jack St. Clair
Mansfield William Murray 1st earl of
Marlborough John Churchill 1st duke of
Millay Edna St. Vincent
Monck George 1st duke of Albermarle
Montgomery of Alamein Bernard Law Montgomery 1st Viscount
Montrose James Graham 5th earl and 1st marquess of
Newcastle under Lyme Thomas Pelham Holles 1st duke of
Newcastle upon Tyne William Cavendish 1st duke of
Ormonde James Butler 12th earl and 1st duke of
1st earl of Chatham
Raglan of Raglan FitzRoy James Henry Somerset 1st Baron
Rathbone Philip St. John Basil
Russell of Kingston Russell John Russell 1st Earl
Sackville Thomas 1st earl of Dorset
Scott Sir Walter 1st Baronet
Shaftesbury Anthony Ashley Cooper 1st earl of
Somerset Edward Seymour 1st duke of
Southampton Thomas Wriothesley 1st earl of
St. Denis Ruth
Stanhope James Stanhope 1st Earl
Stephen Sir James Fitzjames 1st Baronet
Stirling William Alexander 1st earl of
Strafford Thomas Wentworth 1st earl of
Suffolk Thomas Howard 1st earl of
Tedder of Glenguin Arthur William Tedder 1st Baron
Thomson of Fleet Roy Herbert Thomson 1st Baron
Walpole Robert 1st earl of Orford
Waugh Evelyn Arthur St. John
Wellington Arthur Wellesley 1st duke of
Acton of Aldenham John Emerich Edward Dahlberg Acton 1st Baron
Alanbrooke of Brookeborough Alan Francis Brooke 1st Viscount
Allenby of Megiddo and of Felixstowe Edmund Henry Hynman Allenby 1st Viscount
1st Baron Lytton of Knebworth
Cecil of Chelwood Edgar Algernon Robert Gascoyne Cecil 1st Viscount
Chelmsford of Chelmsford Frederic John Napier Thesiger 1st Viscount
Hector St. John de Crèvecoeur
J. Hector St. John
Freyberg of Wellington and of Munstead Bernard Cyril Freyberg 1st Baron
St. John the Divine
St. John the Evangelist
Maurice Harold Macmillan 1st earl of Stockton Viscount Macmillan of Ovenden
Mountbatten of Burma Louis Mountbatten 1st Earl
Samuel of Mount Carmel and of Toxeth Herbert Louis Samuel 1st Viscount
Shaughnessy of Montreal and Ashford Thomas George Shaughnessy 1st Baron
Simon of Stackpole Elidor John Allsebrook Simon 1st Viscount
Slim William Joseph 1st Viscount Slim of Yarralumla and Bishopston
Tennyson Alfred 1st Baron Tennyson of Aldworth and Freshwater
Wavell of Eritrea and of Winchester Archibald Percival Wavell 1st Earl

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