squill-like, adj.
/skwil/, n.
1. the bulb of the sea onion, Urginea maritima, of the lily family, cut into thin slices and dried, and used in medicine chiefly as an expectorant.
2. the plant itself.
3. any related plant of the genus Scilla.
[1350-1400; ME < L squilla, var. of scilla < Gk skílla]

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      any of the bulbous plants of the genus Scilla of the family Hyacinthaceae, consisting of about 100 species, native to temperate Eurasia. The narrow, sometimes grasslike leaves arise from the base of the plant.

      The squill's small white, blue, or purple flowers are borne in a cluster at the tip of a leafless flower stalk. Some spring-flowering species are cultivated as garden ornamentals.

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