/splee'neuh meg"euh lee, splen'euh-/, n. Pathol.
enlargement of the spleen.
Also, splenomegalia /splee'noh meuh gay"lee euh, -gayl"yeuh, splen'oh-/.
[1895-1900; SPLENO- + -MEGALY]

* * *

      enlargement of the spleen, the abdominal organ that serves as a temporary storage site for blood and filters out degenerated and old blood cells. Splenomegaly may arise as a symptom of a number of diseases, including certain systemic infections, inflammatory diseases, hematologic diseases, inherited spleen disorders, cysts, and neoplastic diseases. In one form of the disorder, called congestive splenomegaly, the spleen becomes engorged with blood because of impaired flow through the splenic vein, which empties into the portal vein. Such impairment may be caused by liver disease, portal vein or splenic vein pathology, constrictive pericarditis, or congestive cardiac failure.

      Depending on the underlying cause, the spleen may swell to as much as 80 times its normal size. Massive splenomegaly can place a heavy burden on the heart and circulatory system; the enlarged spleen may absorb more than half the cardiac output, whereas the normal spleen absorbs only 5 percent. In addition, splenomegaly often causes an increase in the volume of blood plasma, which, in conjunction with increased retention of red blood cells in the spleen, may result in anemia.

      Once the underlying disease is treated, the spleen may return to its normal size and functions. Surgical removal (splenectomy) may be required if the spleen is seriously damaged.

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