/spuy'reuh juy"reuh/, n. Bot.
a widely distributed filamentous freshwater green alga of the genus Spirogyra.
[1895-1900; < NL, equiv. to spiro- SPIRO-2 + -gyra, alter. of Gk gyros circle or gyrós round]

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 genus of green algae, found only in fresh water and usually free-floating. The slippery unbranched filaments are composed of cylindrical cells containing one or more beautiful spiral green chloroplasts, from which the genus gets its name. The nucleus is suspended in the central vacuole by fine cytoplasmic filaments. Vegetative reproduction is by fragmentation of the filaments. In sexual conjugation, cells of two strands lying side by side are joined by the outgrowths, or conjugation tubes, and the contents of one cell pass into and fuse with the contents of the other. The resulting fused cell (zygote) becomes surrounded by a thick wall and overwinters, while the vegetative filaments die.

      On bright spring or fall days, there might be masses of Spirogyra floating near the surface of streams and ponds, buoyed by oxygen bubbles released during photosynthesis. During the night, when photosynthesis decreases, the masses tend to sink.

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