/spin"it/, n.
1. a small upright piano.
2. a small, square piano.
3. any of various small harpsichords.
4. Also called spinet organ. a small electric organ.
[1655-65; aph. var. of obs. espinette < F < It spinetta, prob. equiv. to spin(a) thorn (see SPINE) + -etta dim. suffix; the existence of an instrument-maker named Spinetti is unverified]

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      small form of the harpsichord, generally wing-shaped, with a single set of strings placed at an oblique angle to the keyboard. The wing-shaped spinet may have originated in Italy during the 16th century; later it became known in France and England.

      Spinets were popular substitutes for the larger, more expensive harpsichords and were made in large numbers during the late 17th and 18th centuries, especially in England. Their cases were often highly ornamented and decorated. The name spinet may derive from the Latin spinae (“thorns”), perhaps reflecting the shape of the tiny quills or leather wedges that pluck the strings. In modern usage, “spinet” commonly refers to a short form of upright piano.

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