spicily, adv.spiciness, n.
/spuy"see/, adj., spicier, spiciest.
1. seasoned with or containing spice: a spicy salad dressing.
2. characteristic or suggestive of spice.
3. of the nature of or resembling spice.
4. abounding in or yielding spices.
5. aromatic or fragrant.
6. piquant or pungent: spicy criticism.
7. of a slightly improper or risqué nature; somewhat sexy: a spicy novel.
8. Informal. full of spirit; lively.
Also, spicey.
[1555-65; SPICE + -Y1]
Syn. 6. hot, sharp, peppery. 7. suggestive, racy, ribald, improper.

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