spermatic cord

spermatic cord
the cord by which a testis is suspended in the scrotum, containing the vas deferens and the blood vessels and nerves of the testis.

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      either of a pair of tubular structures in the male reproductive system that support the testes (testis) in the scrotum. Each cord is sheathed in connective tissue and contains a network of arteries, veins, nerves, and the first section of the ductus deferens, through which sperm pass in the process of ejaculation. The cords extend from the testes to the inguinal rings (openings at the level of the bladder) in the fascia transversalis, the connective-tissue sheath of abdominal wall muscles.

      In surgery of the spermatic cord, the aims are to preserve the blood supply to the testicle and the continuity of the ductus deferens. Varicocelectomy is the operation performed when dilated veins of the spermatic cord cause pain. The dilated portions are excised, leaving the arteries to the testicle intact and sufficient veins to drain the testicle. An operation for correction of torsion is performed when the spermatic cord becomes twisted through overactivity of the cremaster muscle, which surrounds the cord. Prompt correction of this condition is necessary to prevent gangrene of the testicle. In the operation the cord is untwisted and the testicle is fixed to the base of the scrotum, the fixation being called orchiopexy. Because torsion is likely to occur on both sides, bilateral orchiopexy is performed even though torsion affects only one side. In bilateral vasectomy, small sections of the two ductus deferentes are excised through small scrotal incisions to prevent passage of the spermatozoa to the epididymis (and eventually on to the prostate and urethra), thus rendering the male sterile.

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