spaniellike, adj.
/span"yeuhl/, n.
1. one of any of several breeds of small or medium-sized dogs, usually having a long, silky coat and long, drooping ears.
2. a submissive, fawning, or cringing person.
[1350-1400; ME spaynel < OF espaignol Spanish (dog), deriv. of Espaigne SPAIN]

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Any of several breeds of dogs used to flush game.

Spaniels originated in Spain, but most modern breeds were developed in Britain. Breeds range from 14 to 20 in. (36–51 cm) and from 22 to 55 lbs (10–25 kg). The larger breeds are called springers, the smaller ones cockers. Breeds include the cocker spaniel, a round-headed, floppy-eared dog; the English and Welsh springer spaniels; the American water spaniel, a curly-coated, dark brown dog; the Brittany spaniel, a short-tailed French dog and the only spaniel that points; the Clumber spaniel, a low-slung, long-bodied dog; the Irish water spaniel, a water retriever; the Japanese spaniel; and the English toy spaniel.

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      any of several sporting dogs (dog) used by hunters to flush game from cover. The earliest spaniels apparently originated in Spain, hence the name, but most of the modern breeds were developed in Britain. The distinction between spaniel breeds originally was one of size, the larger spaniels being called springers (springer spaniel) and the smaller ones cockers (cocker spaniel)—the latter apparently in reference to their use in flushing woodcocks. They are also distinguished by function as land spaniels and water spaniels. Toy spaniels do not hunt but are valued companions.

       Selected breeds of sporting dogsSee the table (Selected breeds of sporting dogs) of selected breeds of sporting dogs for further information.

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