/sop/, n., v., sopped, sopping.
1. a piece of solid food, as bread, for dipping in liquid food.
2. anything thoroughly soaked.
3. something given to pacify or quiet, or as a bribe: The political boss gave him some cash as a sop.
4. a weak-willed or spineless person; milksop.
5. to dip or soak in liquid food: to sop bread in gravy.
6. to drench.
7. to take up (liquid) by absorption (usually fol. by up): He used bread to sop up the gravy.
8. to be or become soaking wet.
9. (of a liquid) to soak (usually fol. by in).
[bef. 1000; (n.) ME; OE sopp; c. ON soppa; (v.) OE soppian, deriv. of the n. (not recorded in ME). See SUP2]
Syn. 3. tip, gratuity, payoff.

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