social gospel

social gospel
a movement in America, chiefly in the early part of the 20th century, stressing the social teachings of Jesus and their applicability to public life.

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Religious social-reform movement in the U.S., prominent from с 1870 to 1920 among liberal Protestant groups.

The movement focused on applying moral principles to the improvement of industrialized society and particularly to reforms such as the abolition of child labour, a shorter workweek, and factory regulation. Many of its aims were realized through the rise of organized labour and through legislation of the New Deal.

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▪ American religious movement
      in American history, a religious social-reform movement that was prominent from about 1870 to 1920, especially among liberal Protestant groups dedicated to the betterment of industrialized society through application of the biblical principles of charity and justice. Especially persuasive of the movement's views were the works of Charles Monroe Sheldon (Sheldon, Charles Monroe) (e.g., In His Steps; “What Would Jesus Do?”; 1897) and Walter Rauschenbusch (Rauschenbusch, Walter) (e.g., Christianity and the Social Crisis; 1907). labour reforms—including abolition of child labour, a shorter workweek, a living wage, and factory regulation—constituted the Social Gospel's most prominent concerns. During the 1930s many of these ideals were realized through the rise of organized labour and the legislation of the New Deal.

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