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      any of nine species of deep-sea fish constituting three families, placed by some authorities in the order Anguilliformes (eels) and by others in a distinct order, Saccopharyngiformes (or Lyomeri). Gulpers range to depths of 2,700 m (9,000 feet) or more. The members of one family, Monognathidae, have mouths of normal proportions, but the other gulpers (Eurypharyngidae and Saccopharyngidae) are noted for their enormous mouths. In the Eurypharyngidae, the mouth is longer than the body. In the Saccopharyngidae, it is somewhat smaller but still huge. Gulpers are soft-bodied fish with tapered bodies, long tails, and greatly expandable stomachs that can accommodate large prey. Gulpers are usually solid black, and some are provided with light organs. Some gulpers grow as long as 1.8 m; most of this length, however, is tail.

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