slowly, adv.slowness, n.
/sloh/, adj., slower, slowest, adv., slower, slowest, v.
1. moving or proceeding with little or less than usual speed or velocity: a slow train.
2. characterized by lack of speed: a slow pace.
3. taking or requiring a comparatively long time for completion: a slow meal; a slow trip.
4. requiring or taking a long time for growing, changing, or occurring; gradual: a plant of slow growth.
5. sluggish in nature, disposition, or function.
6. dull of perception or understanding; mentally dull: a slow child.
7. not prompt, readily disposed, or in haste (usually fol. by to or an infinitive): slow to anger; slow to take offense.
8. burning or heating with little speed or intensity, as a fire or an oven.
9. slack; not busy: The market was slow today.
10. having some quality that retards speed or causes movement, progress, work, etc., to be accomplished at less than the usual or expected rate of speed: a slow, careful worker; a slow road.
11. running at less than the proper rate of speed or registering less than the proper time, as a clock.
12. passing heavily or dragging, as time: It's been a slow afternoon.
13. not progressive; behind the times: a slow town.
14. dull, humdrum, uninteresting, or tedious: What a slow party!
15. Photog. requiring long exposure, as by having a small lens diameter or low film sensitivity: a slow lens or film.
16. (of the surface of a race track) sticky from a fairly recent rain and in the process of drying out.
17. in a slow manner; slowly: Drive slow.
18. to make slow or slower (often fol. by up or down).
19. to retard; reduce the advancement or progress of: His illness slowed him at school.
20. to become slow or slower; slacken in speed (often fol. by up or down).
[bef. 900; ME; OE slaw sluggish, dull; c. D sleeuw; cf. SLOTH]
Syn. 1, 2. unhurried. SLOW, DELIBERATE, GRADUAL, LEISURELY mean unhurried and not happening rapidly. That which is SLOW acts or moves without haste or rapidity: a slow procession of cars. DELIBERATE implies the slowness that marks careful consideration before and while acting: a deliberate and calculating manner. GRADUAL suggests the slowness of something that advances one step at a time: a gradual improvement in service. That which is LEISURELY moves with the slowness allowed by ample time or the absence of pressure: an unhurried and leisurely stroll. 5. sluggardly, dilatory, indolent, lazy, slothful. 6. dense. See dull. 14. boring. 19. hinder, impede, obstruct.
Ant. 1-3. fast. 19. advance.
Usage. As an adverb, SLOW has two forms, SLOW and SLOWLY. SLOWLY appeared first in the 15th century; SLOW came into use shortly thereafter. Both are standard today in certain uses.
Originally, SLOW was used both preceding and following the verb it modified. Today, it is used chiefly in imperative constructions with short verbs of motion (drive, run, turn, walk, etc.), and it follows the verb: Drive slow. Don't walk so slow. This use is more common in speech than in writing, although it occurs widely on traffic and road signs. SLOW also combines with present participles in forming adjectives: slow-burning; slow-moving. In this use it is standard in all varieties of speech and writing.
SLOWLY is by far the more common form of the adverb in writing. In both speech and writing it is the usual form in preverb position (He slowly drove down the street. The couple slowly strolled into the park) and following verbs that are not imperatives (He drove slowly down the street. The couple strolled slowly through the park). See also quick, sure.

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